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Your home’s siding is exposed to all weather elements.  In time, your home will require siding service maintenance or complete replacement. There are several things you should look for as you maintain your home’s siding.  Here is a basic list to reference.

Siding Service Check

  • Worn Siding – worn siding is visible through warped or loose siding.  Depending on your circumstances, replacing only the warped/loose pieces may be a reasonable solution.
  • Damaged Siding – siding damage is easily spotted as cracks in the siding or rotting siding.  You will want to gauge the extent of the damage before proceeding with the right fix.
  • Moisture in Siding – when moisture gets trapped in your siding, it will expand or “bubble”.  Also, mold and mildew are highly likely when moisture gets into the siding.
  • Paint Durability – if you notice paint peeling or chipping more quickly than normal, it may be related to an issue with your siding.

To keep your home’s curb appeal, or to give it an updated look, these are additional reasons to replace your siding.  From brick siding to vinyl siding and every thing in between, our team can work with your budget to recommend the right siding solution for you.  If you would like to meet with a licensed professional, contact us today for a quote on your home siding project.

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