Roofing Remodel

Do you need roofing service?  Weather and climate have a great impact on the life of your roof.  Generally, a roof will last 20-25yrs depending on the type of roof installed and the amount of effort given to maintain it.  To lengthen the life of your roof, here are a few things to take note of as a roofing service check.

Roofing Service Check

  • Shingle Damage – blisters, cracks and any type of visible erosion on the shingles.  It is best to get small issues resolved quickly before they lead to more issues.
  • Standing Water – water that remains built up on your roof is a bad sign and should be addressed before water damage occurs in other areas of your home.  It is good to check for debris stuck in your gutters or on your roof.
  • Tree Limbs – limbs that overhang your roof are a real danger.  These limbs allow small animals and critters to access your roof.  Overhanging limbs also pose the threat of cracking and falling/damaging your roof.
  • Roof Age – how old is your roof?  If your roof is over 20yrs old, you could be in need of a replacement soon.

When was your last roofing service check? Some people are uncomfortable climbing up to their roof and walking on it to perform an inspection.  If you prefer a licensed professional to provide routine maintenance, or need to have a complete roof replacement, contact us today for a quote on your roofing project.

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