Deck Install

Your deck is the perfect space for hosting, grilling and enjoying time with guests outdoors.  However, deck renovation service is expected at some point because the wood is exposed to outside elements.  The wood requires treatment, protection and possibly replacement in some areas.  Here are a few deck renovations services to consider for your deck.

Deck Renovation Services

  • Deck Extension – if you already have a deck, but want more space, a deck extension is a great option.
  • Deck Lighting – installing light fixtures on the exterior of your home provides a permanent light source once the sun goes down.  You can also architect lights within the deck design, it gives a very elegant look to the deck.
  • Deck Maintenance – checking the deck for loose or chipped wood, as well as nail protrusions.  Where appropriate you will need to clean, sand, seal and/or paint the deck to protect it.
  • Enclosed Deck – some prefer their outdoor space be enclosed with screens.  You could call this a porch or an enclosed deck, either way, it aims to keep the insects out.

It is entirely possible you don’t have a deck, but would like to have one installed.  If you are considering a new deck installation or would like deck renovation service, contact us today for a quote on your deck project.  Our licensed professionals can assist with a design that fits your budget.

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