How much time do you spend in the bathroom?  Your bathroom is usually the first stop of your day.  Also, it is usually the last stop of your day.  The bathroom is where you freshen up and is also where you relax.  You visit this room several times a day, and should design it for your family and lifestyle.

Bathroom renovations are in high demand because of the personal care we find from it.  Chances are, you have thought about making upgrades to your bathroom.  You might already be planning specific enhancements or considering a total renovation.  If you would like a few ideas to consider, here are some bathroom remodel suggestions.

Bathroom Remodel Suggestions

  • Bathroom Tile – tile will spruce up the look of your bathroom and can be used in several ways.  Partial tile on the walls, tile shower and tile floor are a few options to consider.  Smalls strips of tile around the edges of a bathtub or shower can also accentuate the bathroom’s look.
  • Fixture Updates – replacing your light fixtures, as well as your faucet and shower fixtures, is a good way to give your bathroom an updated feel.
  • Paint – painting the bathroom with a fresh coat of paint is a good idea to preserve the sheet-rock, and also keeps your bathroom looking good.
  • Toilet & Sink Upgrades – updating your toilet to a water efficient model helps to save on water-waste.  Worn sinks may have chips and cracks which allows for water damage and possibly mold.  If you see water leaking from the sink, it may be time install a new one.
  • Shower Install – not a fan of tile showers?  Installing a shower unit with solid panels is another option.  If you only have a bathtub, adding a shower is a great way to improve your bathroom.

You have a lot of options in a bathroom remodel project.  Since this is your private space, make it what you need it to be.  Our team can provide recommendations based on your preferences and budget.  Contact us today for a quote on your next bathroom remodel project.

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