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Best Flooring for a Basement?

The type of flooring you choose for your basement floor can be a big decision. There are multiple things to consider when picking flooring material. For example, you have to keep the cost, style, functionality, and durability in mind. There are many pros and cons to each flooring type, which can make this a difficult decision. With that being said, what is the best flooring for a basement?

There isn’t one flooring material that is inherently better than another. It all depends on if your basement stays dry, your budget, and your personal preferences. Carpet, luxury vinyl tile, and tile can all good options. However, all of them have different benefits and pitfalls.

In this article, we will discuss the pro and cons of each of the basement flooring options. Continue reading to learn more about the cost, durability, and functionality of each flooring material.

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Why is Tile Good for a Basement Floor?

Tile is a great option for your basement floor for a couple of reasons. First of all, if you ever get water in your basement, tile is one of the best choices because water will not ruin it. All you will have to do is wipe up the water and address the root cause of the water leaking into your basement.

Next, tile is very durable. You won’t have to worry about much maintenance, scratches, or stains when you install tile on your basement floor. Therefore, it is a perfect option for people who like to entertain or who have pets or kids.

How Much Does It Cost to Tile a Basement Floor?

There are a few different costs that are associated with tile. First, you have the material cost, which can vary greatly depending on the type of tile you choose and the size of your basement. Floor tile pricing ranges quite a bit. You can find tile from $2 or $3 per square foot or something as expensive as $10 and more. Generally, if you pick an average-priced tile, it is going to cost you between $1000-$5000, depending on the square footage needed.

Second, you need to account for any floor leveler, grout, and thinset. Thinset is what adheres your tile to the floor, while floor leveler helps adjust any low spots in your floor. Grout is what is used to fill the gaps between each tile. Again, the cost of this material will vary depending on the square footage of your basement. However, a 50lbs bag of thinset will cover about 50 to 100 square feet. Therefore, thinset and grout will usually cost you around $300 to $800.

Lastly, you will have the installation or labor cost. Every installer is going to charge a little bit differently, especially because every job is different. However, you will usually pay between $12 and $20 per square foot for your floor tile to be installed.

Best Flooring For a Basement?

Is Carpet Good for a Basement Floor?

Carpet is a solid flooring option for a basement floor. Carpet is great because you don’t have to worry about maintenance, there isn’t a risk of scratching it, and it is more cost-effective. However, the main con is if your basement leaks water, your carpet will be ruined.

Additionally, carpet offers a bit of a warmer and cozier feel than tile or LVT would in a basement. With carpet, you won’t have to worry about walking around on a cold basement floor.

How Much Does It Cost to Carpet a Basement Floor?

There are a few different costs associated with installing carpet on a basement floor. First, you will have the cost of your carpet and pad. The cost of your carpet will depend on the quality of the carpet and the square footage of your basement. Additionally, the cost of your pad will depend on the thickness you want. The carpet pad is usually 3/8th to ½ inch thick.

An average carpet will cost you around $2 to $15 a square foot, depending on brand and style. Carpet pad is going to be cheaper, and only costs you around $0.50 to $1 a square foot.

Second, you need to account for labor and installation costs. You will pay anywhere from $2 to $12 per square foot to install the carpet and tax strip in your basement. The install price is going to vary depending on your installer and the size of your basement.

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Is Vinyl Plank Flooring Good for a Basement?

Vinyl plank floor is also known as luxury vinyl tile or LVT can be a good option for basement floors. This material has a few more hidden cons than tile or carpet. However, if good material is selected and installed properly, vinyl flooring is a solid option.

Vinyl flooring is useful because it can be cost-effective, it can be cleaned easily if something gets spilled on it, and it isn’t at risk of being ruined if water leaks into your basement. Additionally, as long as your floor is level, the only install materials you need are the flooring itself.

What Does It Cost to Install Vinyl Plank Flooring?

An average luxury vinyl tile is going to cost you between $5 and $10. However, there are higher-end options that have a higher price tag. Additionally, your material cost will vary depending on the size of flooring you choose and how many square feet your basement floor is.

Additionally, your install price is going to be around $2 to $10 per square foot. This price will depend on the difficulty of your job and the installer.

Final Thoughts

Deciding on a flooring material for your basement floor can be difficult. There are so many options, each with various pros and cons. However, you can’t go wrong with any of these options. It is important to choose a floor that is best for your basement, not just the cheapest option. Re-doing flooring twice is always more expensive than doing it once.

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