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Project Management :


MRM will provide the following services in connection with the Project:


Design/Plan Review.
MRM will work closely with the Client and the Client’s chosen contractor, architect, and engineers to assist in the development of a detailed plan for the Project including the materials and specifications to be used herein. This includes assisting in the creation and finalization of the Project scope of work.


MRM will work with the Client to obtain bids from various contractors, material and equipment suppliers to complete the Project. MRM will present such bids to the Client who will make the final decision on the selection of such contractors, material and equipment suppliers used on the Project. MRM shall not be responsible for submitting applications for any building or other permits required for the Project, as this responsibility shall be that of the contractor hired for the Project.


Construction Supervision.
MRM’s personnel will monitor the day-to-day activities of all contractors and subcontractors working on the Project and will coordinate scheduling and material and equipment deliveries. Discrepancies, field conditions and requests for additional information will be handled and resolved.


Periodic visits to the Project will be made from pre-construction through the construction phase of the Project to monitor progress and quality.


Draw Request.
MRM will work closely with Client to set a standard weekly schedule for communication with Client in preparation for the draw requests. MRM will remit to Client itemization of payable expenses and work completed. This remittance will include updated photos.


Punch-list / Close-Out.
A final visit to the Project will be made upon substantial completion of construction. A punch-list will be prepared noting all items not completed or requiring rework to make the Project ready for occupancy.


Pay Request Review.
All requests for payment, including change orders, will be reviewed and evaluated. Lien waivers will be obtained, reviewed and compared to the pay requests. All required documentation from the contractor or subcontractors and equipment, fixture and other suppliers, including the completion of punch-list items, will be obtained. MRM will advise Client an invoice may be paid. It is the Client’s responsibility to submit for a draw request, when applicable.