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Lawn Management :



Mowing - Only professionally-trained specialists will care for your property. Each visit the entire property will be mowed, trimmed and all grass clippings blown from sidewalks and streets.


Edging - Power edging is recommended for all sidewalks, curbs, patios and driveways where trimming has been inadequate.


Core Aeration - This process of plugging holes into the turf promotes stronger root growth and deeper water penetration. The plugs put micro-nutrients back into the soil and help prevent thatch build-up. Core aeration is one of the most important processes in maintaining a strong turf.


Verticut and Seed - Verticutting is the process of slicing the soil to provide proper bedding for the seed to germinate. This is specifically recommended for bare and thinning areas for turf transformation.



Bed Maintenance - All landscape areas will be maintained every two weeks to ensure weed-free beds. Sidewalks and driveways can be weed-free with applications of a hard surface weed control.


Mulch - Top dressing mulched beds is recommended one to two times per year.


Aggregate (rock) - Most aggregates should be maintained at depths of two to three inches with filter fabric or 6 mm plastic underneath.


Tree and Shrubbery Pruning
Shrubs - Pruned to their natural growing habits (sculpting available upon request).

Trees - Pruning, removal and stump grinding.


Lawn, Tree and Shrub Treatments
Programs are tailored to each customer’s individual needs.


Seasonal Color - Complete design and installation of beautiful perennials, bulbs, annuals and Mums to provide color throughout the growing season.


Landscape Services - Additional services offered include landscape design and installation (two year warranty on most plant material), stone work (patios, walls, walkways, borders, etc.), water gardens, drainage systems, sodding and grading.


Lighting - Nightscaping offers you security, safety and beauty to accent any home or office setting. We will conduct a lighting survey of your property at no charge. Set up an appointment to start enjoying the magic.



Sprinkler Systems - A professionally installed sprinkler system not only greatly aids in beautifying your property, but also allows you to conserve precious water.


Installation - Residential and commercial, professionally designed and installed. Using time tested quality Rain Bird products.


Residential - Activation, repair and winterization. Our qualified staff and technicians are well equipped and knowledgeable, able to service any and all types of systems, allowing you piece of mind and beautiful lawn.



Our dependable fleet offers snow removal and ice control for parking lots, sidewalks and driveways. We guarantee not to block trash containers, sidewalks and fire hydrants.